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Halliburton, Nabors Team Up on Well Construction Automation

The duo’s new services will be initially deployed in Iraq.

The system will initially be deployed in Iraq, but the companies will look for opportunities to expand projects in countries across the globe.
Source: Nabors

Halliburton Company and Nabors Industries announced an agreement on 19 June for well construction automation solutions whereby the duo will collaborate on their technologies including the Halliburton Well Construction 4.0 digital surface and subsurface drilling technologies, the LOGIX Autonomous Drilling Platform, and the Nabors SmartROS universal rig controls and automation platform and RigCLOUD high-performance digital infrastructure platform.

Initially deployed in Iraq, the companies’ technologies automate well construction services from planning to execution across both subsurface and surface equipment and environments. Halliburton and Nabors aim to expand the services to customers across the globe.

“Halliburton’s and Nabors’ efforts will make it easier for customers to deploy Halliburton’s automation solutions that can enhance rig capabilities, lower well construction costs, and reduce operational risks,” said Steve Haden, senior vice president, Halliburton Project Management.

Well Construction 4.0 is Halliburton’s digital approach to plan, design, and execute the “perfect” well using collaborative well engineering, automation, and virtual operations. The LOGIX Autonomous Drilling Platform orchestrates real-time steering controls, collision avoidance, visualization, and autonomously makes decisions to mitigate drilling dysfunctions to maximize penetration rates.

Nabors’ SmartROS rig operating system allows drillers to deploy automation to improve performance without an expensive rig upgrade. RigCLOUD is an open platform designed to host drilling and analytics software at the rig site, on the web, and on mobile devices.

“This agreement brings together the drilling process automation and digital solutions of Nabors with Halliburton’s subsurface expertise,” said Subodh Saxena, senior vice president, Nabors Drilling Solutions.

Well construction automation was discussed by John de Wardt, De Wardt and Co., Director Emeritus of the SPE DSATs, and John Macpherson, Baker Hughes, Director Emeritus of the the SPE DSATs, in an SPE Live event examining the value proposition as well as the potential future growth for well completion, intervention, and P&A activities.