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Halliburton Signs on To Run Data-Management Platform

The digital repository will use a hybrid cloud architecture to provide subsurface data for the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.


Halliburton announced that it has signed an 8-year contract with the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate to deploy and operate Diskos, the Norwegian national repository of seismic, well, and production data for the oil and gas industry.

Halliburton Landmark will deliver Diskos 2.0 using DecisionSpace 365 cloud services in iEnergy, the industry’s first E&P hybrid cloud. The cloud-native services are compliant with the Open Subsurface Data Universe and will provide data from the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

The open architecture and scalability of the service enables work flows across the repository and operator systems on site or in the cloud. Diskos 2.0 will use the DecisionSpace 365 cloud applications to apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to subsurface data.

“We are excited to deliver this new level of service for Diskos in collaboration with operators and the extended ecosystem to create an unparalleled experience,” said Nagaraj Srinivasan, senior vice president of Landmark, Halliburton Digital Solutions and Consulting. “Consistent with Halliburton’s digital strategy, our secure cloud environment, machine-learning algorithms, and data-science expertise will help operators in the region maximize their asset value.”