Hamina LNG Up and Running

Finland’s first LNG import terminal is just one of the solutions being worked to add natural gas supplies to the region.

Hamina LNG UC.png
Aerial shot of the Hamina LNG regas facility while under construction in Finland.

Commissioning of Finland’s Hamina LNG Oy terminal has been completed and it has started to provide services to terminal users. The startup follows successful cooldown procedure and commissioning tests of the systems and equipment.

Hamina LNG provides LNG storage services with a storage capacity of 30,000 m3 and regasification and injection services into the Finnish gas transmission network with a daily capacity of 4,800 MWh. Other services include LNG truck loading, vessel unloading and loading, and vessel bunkering.

The Hamina terminal is the first LNG import terminal in Finland connected to the transmission network. With the current regasification and injection capacity, approximately 1.7 TWh of natural gas can be injected from the terminal into the transmission network annually.

Hamina LNG said in April that it had planned to launch commercial operations at the project in October this year. At that time, Hamina said the grid supply capacities of the Hamina LNG terminal would be about 3 TWh per year when the terminal starts. The capacity could be increased by adding evaporation capacity. In addition to grid supply, distribution of gas by road transport is possible at a volume of 3 TWh per year, in which case the annual volume of gas supply from the terminal as early as at the initial stage can be as much as 6 TWh per year.

The Hamina LNG Oy is a joint venture between Finnish company Hamina Energy, technology firm Wärtsilä, and Estonian energy company Alexela.

In addition to Hamina LNG, Finland is also building the floating storage regasification unit (FSRU)-based terminal in Inkoo as part of plans to boost energy security.

Gasgrid, Finland’s state-owned natural gas transmission operator, is planning to install the Excelerate Exemplar FSRU in Inkoo or Estonia’s Paldiski in December this year.

The FSRU will serve Finland, Estonia, and other Baltic states under a 10-year charter deal Gasgrid signed with Excelerate in May.