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EOR Modeling

Fracture-Matrix Modelling of CO2 Enhanced Shale Gas Recovery in Compressible Shale

Practical Considerations When Using Capacitance Resistance Modeling CRM for Waterflood Optimization

Coupling a Geomechanical Reservoir and Fracturing Simulator With a Wellbore Model for Horizontal Injection Wells

Mature Fields and Well Revitalization

Unlocking the Hidden Oil: How LR/LC Reservoirs Contributed to 800 BOPD of Production in a 30-Year-Old Offshore Brownfield

Naturally Fractured Basement Reservoir Characterization in a Mature Field

Optimizing Production From Marginal and Challenging Prospects To Unlock Field Potential: Success Cases in the Jasmine Field, Gulf of Thailand

Well Integrity

Cementless Well Construction Opens the Full Control on Well Integrity for the Life of the Well

Safeguarding CO2 Storage by Restoring Well Integrity Using Leakage Rate Modeling Along Wellbore in Depleted Gas Fields Offshore Sarawak

Wellbore Integrity and CO2 Sequestration Using Polyaramide Vesicles

Digital Data Acquisition

Reconstruction and Synthesis of Source Rock Images at the Pore Scale

Determining Rig State From Computer Vision Analytics

Automated Corrosion Mapping AI and Machine Learning.

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