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JPT Synopses July 2024

Reservoir Simulation

Physics-Informed Machine-Learning Application to Complex Compositional Model in a Giant Field

Breaking the Chain: Novel Use of Adaptive Model Approach for Reservoir Modeling Reduces Time Duration of Project and Improves Collaboration

Integrated Multiphase Flow Modeling for Downhole Pressure Predictions

Wellbore Tubulars

Role of Ecosystem Partners to Make Nonmetallic Downhole Tubulars a Reality

Operational Experience From the Implementation of 21 Wells With Nonmetallic-Based Downhole Tubing: From Pilot to Large-Scale Implementation

Mechanical Evaluation and Intervention in Nonmetallic Tubulars Using Current Technologies

Unconventional and Tight Reservoirs

Evaluating the Hydraulic Fracture Through Acoustic Reflection Imaging and Production Logging for Water Diagnostics Beyond Wellbore: A Case Study From Chang 8 Tight Sand in the Ordos Basin, China

Redevelopment of Tight Fractured Carbonates Through Extended Laterals and Hydraulic Fracturing


Limitations and Fallacies of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and Impact on Oil and Gas Production

Accelerating the Permanent CO2 Storage Process: A Safer and Faster Route to Net Zero

Reservoir Engineering Aspects of Geologic Hydrogen Storage

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