Kuwait Oil To Wrap Initial Offshore Drilling Campaign in 3 Years

The current program comprises six planned wells.

Kuwait map.
Source: Getty Images.

Kuwait Oil Company’s (KOC) first offshore exploratory and drilling operations for oil and gas are expected to end in 2026, the state-owned firm’s chief geologist said according to news reports.

But the timeline “depends on the progress of operations at sea,” KOC’s Ahmed Al-Otaibi told reporters during a briefing at the Kuwaiti oil ministry.

Kuwait began exploring offshore as it invests to meet future oil demand and received its first offshore rig in mid-2022, KOC parent company Kuwait Petroleum Corporation Chief Executive Sheikh Nawaf Saud Al‑Sabah, Reuters reported in June 2022.

The operations began last year and are expected to take 4 years, Al‑Otaibi said.

The firm will drill six offshore wells in the exploratory area of about 6000 km2.