Human resources

Lessons Learned in Developing Human Capital for the Oil and Gas Industry in Kazakhstan

The authors describe and assess the World Economic Forum’s initiative to develop human capital for the oil and gas industry at Satbayev University in Kazakhstan.

Skill development within the WEF project.
Fig. 1—Skill development within the WEF project.

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Human Capital initiative has been implemented at Satbayev University (SU), Almaty, Kazakhstan, during the last 2 years. Participating in this effort are Chevron, Eni, Shell, and the Colorado School of Mines (Mines). The complete paper assesses the effectiveness of project components, such as industry guest lectures, summer internships, and program improvement, and provides lessons learned for human-resource-development initiatives.


In most cases, the industry/university alliance is intermittent, short-term, and underdeveloped. The engagement of three stakeholders, such as government, industry, and the university, is the most-successful model of joint performance. This approach allows all participants to create competitive advantages in the achievement of common objectives.

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