Maersk To Reactivate Jackup Rig for Work in the North Sea

The rig will drill an extended-reach well in the P9 Horizon field.

The most recent job for jackup Maersk Resolute was completed in late 2019.
SOURCE: Maersk Drilling

Maersk Drilling has been awarded a one-well contract by Petrogas E&P Netherlands for use of the harsh-environment jackup rig Maersk Resolute. The unit will perform well maintenance and drill a sidetrack of the A9 well at the P9 Horizon field in the Dutch North Sea. The estimated $4.5-million contract is expected to commence in next month with an estimated duration of 45 days.

In preparation for the work, the rig will be equipped with a high-efficiency selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system which uses ammonia injection to convert NOx into water and nitrogen, expectedly reducing NOx emissions by up to 98%. The design will include an advanced control interface between engines and SCR units.

Maersk Resolute is a 350-ft, Gusto-engineered MSC CJ50 high-efficiency jackup rig delivered in 2008. It is currently warm-stacked in Esbjerg, Denmark. The rig’s last job was offshore the Netherlands in December 2019. Following the completion of the contract with Petrogas E&P Netherlands, the rig will move on to commence the previously announced two-well contract for Dana Petroleum Netherlands.