March 2023 Issue

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Artificial Lift

Hybrid Artificial Lift-SRP/Gas Lift for Oil Production in High-GOR Environment

Carbon Footprint Reduction Using Permanent Magnet Motors in Artificial Lift Systems

Development of an AMPCP Condition Indicator

Production Monitoring

Integration of Johan Sverdrup PRM 4D Data Into the Dynamic Model

Intelligent Pipe: A Multiannuli Monitoring Solution

High Pressure/High Temperature

Casing Wear: Prediction, Monitoring, Analysis, and Management in the Culzean Field

Wireline Logging in High-Overbalance High-Temperature/High-Pressure Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Well With Water-Based Reservoir Drilling Fluid

Drilling the Deepest High-Pressure/High-Temperature Onshore Exploration Well Using a Combination of Mud-Cooling and Managed-Pressure-Drilling Techniques: A Field Case Study From the Nile Delta of Egypt Targeting Mesozoic Carbonate Platform

Formation Damage

Case Study of Identifying and Minimizing Formation Damage in Tight Reservoirs Caused by Drilling Fluids in Abu Dhabi Onshore Operation Using Compatibility Coreflood Studies

Formation Damage by Fines Breakage and Migration

First Evidence for Shale-Production Decline Caused by Formation Damage From C60+ Paraffin Wax Deposition: A Permian Case Study.

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