Model Captures Carbonate Matrix Acidizing in Horizontal Well Completions

This study introduces a detailed model to capture the physics and chemistry of acid flow in complex horizontal wells completed in carbonate formations.

Large-scale flow loop.
Fig. 1—Large-scale flow loop.
Source: IPTC 23178.

The complete paper presents an extensively validated model to simulate acid flow from the wellhead to the wormhole tip in carbonate formations. The model accounts for upper and lower completion wellbore hydraulics, pressure drop across valves, annular flow, and wormhole growth. The comprehensive model introduced in this work provides stimulation engineers with a reliable tool to design successful acid stimulation jobs in complex horizontal well completions.


Prediction and analysis of wormhole growth and the corresponding skin relies on the ability to predict the reservoir-face pressure and the understanding of physics and chemistry of acid flow in porous media. In many situations, reservoir-face pressure must be predicted from surface treating pressure.

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