Drilling automation

Nabors Teams With Corva To Aid Drilling Automation

Nabors is connecting Corva’s platform to its universal rig controls and automation platform, allowing apps built and developed in Corva to monitor and control any rig equipped with the platform.

Source: Nabors

Software provider Corva and drilling technology company Nabors Industries have announced a strategic technology partnership to provide automation to the global drilling industry.

“Through this partnership, Corva and Nabors are creating a unified solution that addresses current industry gaps, touching everyone involved in drilling a well and elevating their experience on the rig or in the office,” said Ryan Dawson, founder, and CEO of Corva. “This collaboration is aimed at providing our customers a new world of possibilities for drilling automation and team communication.”

Integrating Corva’s App Store and Dev Center with Nabors’ SmartROS universal drilling rig controls and automation system is expected to allow for rapid scaling of process and machine automation.

The SmartROS platform is used to automate the drilling processes. The system is combined with Nabors’ RigCLOUD digital infrastructure platform to allow for edge computing for remote operations.

“Integrating our universal rig controls and automation system with Corva’s App Store provides the industry a one-stop shop for deploying automation across rig fleets,” said Subodh Saxena, senior vice president of Nabors Drilling Solutions. “This creates an unparalleled ecosystem of digital and automation solutions that delivers consistent and repeatable results during the well construction process.”

The Corva platform has more than 100 apps and dashboards designed to automate, monitor, and optimize drilling processes, including Predictive Drilling, a machine learning technology designed to enhance rotary drilling performance.