Reservoir characterization

Precision in Defining Diagnostic Plots Optimizes Well-Test Results

This work applies an appropriate transient-test theory to demonstrate the applicability of each diagnostic plot along with clearly defining the characteristic features that allow each plot to be considered “diagnostic.”

Drilling Rig- Aerial View
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All transient-test interpretation methods use diagnostic plots for the identification of wellbore or fracture storage distortion, flow regimes, and other parameters. The associated diagnostic plots are not interchangeable between such tests. The objective of this work is to clearly define the appropriate diagnostic plots for each type of transient test.


In the complete paper, the authors review constant-rate drawdown solutions for a few specific cases of interest and the plotting function used to match buildup data to the drawdown solutions. They extend their review to the cases of buildup or falloff analysis following short flow periods and illustrate the differences between analysis of buildup or falloffs following short and long flow periods.

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