Casing/cementing/zonal isolation

Rotating Cement Heads Improve Results of Zonal Isolation in Colombia

This paper describes the path to implementation of full casing rotation during primary cementing jobs.

A type of RCH

In the current challenging drilling environment, effective annular zonal isolation is required for long-term integrity. Among proven cementing practices, casing rotation has been widely applied to liners but not as commonly to full casing strings. The complete paper describes the use of custom-fit rotating cement heads (RCH) to improve cementing results.

Cementing Practices in Colombia

The following methods of cementing, described in detail in the complete paper, are applied currently in Colombia:

  • Preflushes and spacers
  • Slurry design
  • Casing standoff
  • Borehole conditioning
  • Mud circulation and conditioning
  • Casing movement during the cement job
  • Monitor job parameters compared with design
  • Pressure testing and surface-equipment installation

Most of these best cementing practices have been followed on a daily basis for all production and intermediate casing. Rotation practice has been widely applied to liners but not for casing strings.

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