Shell To Sign PSA on Trindad’s Manatee Discovery

Large gas development expected to come online as early as 2025.

Map and flag of Trinidad and Tobago.
Getty Images.

Royal Dutch Shell expects to sign a production-sharing contract for the 2.7-Tcf Manatee offshore gas field in Trinidad and Tobago. The country’s Energy Minister Stuart Young confirmed the contract has been negotiated and is hoping the operator signs on in the coming weeks. The field is part of the 10-Tcf Loran-Manatee complex that straddles Trinidad and Tobago’s maritime border with Venezuela.

Young said it “is going to be the single largest new gas production contract and gas production in TT [Trinidad and Tobago] for decades.”

Gas volumes could start flowing as early as 2025, but this depends on the speed at which the parties can install infrastructure. Production rates from the field are expected to range from 270 million to 400 MMcf/D.

US sanctions against the regime of Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro prevented co-development of the complex.