Sinopec Strikes Oil With Deep Well in China’s Tarim Basin

New probe extended past 5.3 miles deep in Tarim Basin.

Sinopec Tarim
Sinopec Tarim

Sinopec has come up trumps with oil and gas shows in its Shunbei-10X exploration well in the Tarim basin. The well, located in the Aksu area of China’s northwestern region of Xinjiang, tested at flow of 600,000 m3/D of oil and gas, making it the 50th well struck at a depth exceeding 8000 m in the Shunbei field, Sinopec said in a statement.

Drilled to a depth of 8591 m (5.34 miles) below the surface, Shunbei is one of the world’s deepest oil and gas fields being commercially developed, the firm said, adding that Shunbei’s oil and gas production so far reached 7.7 million tonnes of oil equivalent.

China’s national energy companies are accelerating the development of more costly, geologically challenging oil and gas resources following President Xi Jinping’s call to boost domestic energy supply.