Drilling automation

SLB, Nabors Collaborate To Scale Adoption of Drilling Automation

The companies have integrated their platforms in an effort to increase flexibility and interoperability.

Source: Nabors

SLB and Nabors Industries announced a collaboration to scale the adoption of drilling automation for oil and gas operators and drilling contractors. The agreement aims to let customers integrate the companies’ drilling automation applications and rig operating systems to improve well construction performance and efficiency.

“System integration bottlenecks are one of the main roadblocks to global adoption of drilling automation,” said Jesus Lamas, president for well construction at SLB. “Our collaboration with Nabors will provide E&P customers and drilling contractors across the globe with greater access to high-performance drilling capabilities, including Neuro autonomous directional drilling.”

The new integration provides customers with access to a broader suite of drilling automation technologies and greater flexibility to use their existing rig control systems and equipment on either SLB’s PRECISE or Nabors’ SmartROS rig operating system.

“This is a great example of how industry collaboration can break down barriers to scale adoption of automated drilling solutions industrywide,” said Subodh Saxena, senior vice president for technology and services at Nabors. “We are excited to team up with SLB to make certain solutions available to each other and to continue expanding the installed base of Nabors’ digital solutions beyond Nabors rigs.”