Enhanced recovery

Smartwater-Based Synergistic Technologies Offer Potential in Enhanced Oil Recovery

This work explores the synergistic effects of smartwater in polymerflooding, surfactant/polymerflooding, carbonated waterflooding, and foam-assisted gas-injection.

Workover rig working on a previously drilled well trying to restore production through repair in Western Oklahoma with sunset reflecting off red dirt Gloss Mountains
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In the complete paper, the authors explore the synergistic effects of smartwater in polymerflooding, surfactant polymer (SP) flooding, carbonated waterflooding, and foam-assisted gas-injection processes. A suite of multiscale experimental data is analyzed to demonstrate and quantify the benefits of water-chemistry synergies in these enhanced oil recovery methods. Smartwater increased oil recoveries by 5–7% in addition to reducing polymer-concentration requirements by one-third in polymerflooding.

Experimental Materials, Methods, and Procedures

Materials. Brines.

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