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Society of Petroleum Engineers Names Darcy Spady as 2018 President

Spady, an active SPE member since 1986, is the first Canadian to be elected President.

Dallas, Texas (June 21, 2016) — The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) announces that Darcy W. Spady, P. Eng., managing director of Broadview Energy Asset Management, has been elected as 2018 SPE president. His term as president begins in September 2017. Spady is the first Canadian elected as president of SPE.

“I am honored to have been selected, and I look forward to being a great representative not only of SPE, but of Canada and Canadian technology as well,” Spady said when his nomination was announced.

Spady has been an active SPE member since graduating from the University of Alberta with a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering in 1986. He currently serves on the SPE International Board as regional director for Canada; he is also a member of the Calgary Section and the newly formed Vancouver Section. Spady has held officer positions in the Calgary, Illinois Basin and Appalachian sections. In 2012, he won a Regional Service Award for his work in the Canada region.

“Darcy has been an exemplary member of SPE for many years, and his professional service to the oil and gas industry will translate to a strong term as SPE president,” said Mark Rubin, SPE CEO and Executive Vice President. “Darcy understands the value of connecting relationships in the oil and gas business, and he will be a strong leader for our membership.”

Spady has an extensive background in the natural gas, oil and heavy oil segments of the industry, having worked a decade for Schlumberger across North America in their wireline and pressure pumping segments, as well as with the Columbia Natural Resources / Triana Energy group in the Appalachians, Atlantic Canada and internationally. He has also served as CEO of Contact Exploration in Canada and Hungary and more recently as head of sales for Sanjel Corporation. His expertise of three decades in both the independent producer and service segments of the industry greatly enhances his role at SPE.

He also is an active independent director, serving as board chairman for Green Imaging Technologies and as a board member of MNP Petroleum. He has previously served on the boards of Edge Resources, Contact Exploration, Guildhall Minerals and Poplar Point Exploration.

“Along with serving as the SPE president for 2018, I also look forward to working closely with Janeen Judah, the SPE 2017 president,” Spady said. “SPE has provided me with immeasurable professional growth, and now I am excited to give back to the organization by serving as president in 2018.”

At ATCE, Judah will begin her term as SPE president 2017, succeeding Nathan Meehan, senior executive advisor for Baker Hughes.