SPE Technical Papers Available for Download — March-April 2024

SPE technical papers synopsized in each monthly issue of JPT are available for download for SPE members for 2 months. These March and April papers are available now.

Offshore oil platform, jackpumps
Oil platform on sea.
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March 2024

(available here through 30 April)

Artificial Lift

New High-Performance Electrical-Submersible-Pump Gas Separator

Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Predicting Discharge Pressures of Electrical Submersible Pumps for Performance Optimization and Failure Prevention

Production Monitoring

Near Real-Time Tracer Data From the Onsite Tracer Analysis in Nova Field

Slickline Deployed Fiber-Optic Cable Provides First-Ever Production Profile for High-Temperature Gas Well

How and Where Wells Talk: Integrating Crosswell Strain and Production-Profile Interference Testing

High Pressure/High Temperature

Downhole Temperature Estimation of a Growing High‑Temperature Wellbore Using a Modified Drift-Flux Modeling Approach

Drilling Through Shales Below Depleted Sands: Case Study of a Niger Delta HP/HT Gas Development Well

Enzyme-Based Cleanup Fluid for High-Temperature Filter‑Cake-Removal Applications

Geothermal Energy

An Overview of Retrofitting Abandoned Petroleum Wells for Geothermal Energy Production

Challenges for Repurposing Oil and Gas Wells for Geothermal Applications

An Integrated Technical Framework for Assessing Offshore Geothermal Opportunities in and Around Existing Oil and Gas Assets

April 2024

(available here through 31 May)

Natural Gas Processing and Handling

Revolutionizing Sustainability: Achieving Net-Zero Emissions With Lean Gas-Flare-Tip Technology Breakthrough in the Gulf of Thailand

How To Evaporate Heavy Hydrocarbons in a Natural Gas Stream Within a Short Distance: The AIM Concept

New Technology Reduces Carbon Emissions From Natural Gas Compression and Production Facilities


The Intervention Opportunity: Why the Industry Does Not Do More and How New Collaborative Work Flows With Aligned Outcomes Can Change This

Sealed Wellbore Pressure Monitoring and Calibrated Fracture Modeling: The Next Step in Unconventional Completions Optimization

From Exploration to Development: The Completion Evolution in Vaca Muerta

Heavy Oil

Oil-in-Water Emulsion Formation in SAGD With Chemical Additives

Incorporating Hybrid Technology of CSS + Foam in Heavy Oil Field Development Plans: Practical Experiences and Lessons Learned

Short Spacing, Lower Viscosity, and Suboptimal Operating Conditions: SAGD Trial in Mukhaizna Heavy Oil Field

History Matching and Forecasting

A Deep-Learning Framework To Forecast Spatial-Temporal Dynamics of CO2 Mineralization in Reactive Rocks

Accurate Production Forecast and Productivity Decline Analysis Using Coupled Full-Field and Near-Wellbore Poromechanics Modeling

RGNet for Multiwell Forecasting in Unconventional Reservoirs

Topics Coming Up in May

Deepwater Fields | Intelligent Operations | Extended-Reach and Complex Wells | Cementing and Zonal Isolation