SPE Technical Papers Available for Download — May-June 2023

SPE technical papers synopsized in each monthly issue of JPT are available for download for SPE members for 2 months. These May and June papers are available now.

Offshore oil platform, jackpumps
Oil platform on sea.
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May 2023

(available here through 30 June)

Deepwater Fields

Successful Implementation of Geomechanics in a Deepwater Setting: A Case Study From KG Offshore, India

Intelligent Deepwater Advanced Solutions Hub for Value Maximization Throughout Asset Life Cycle

One Innovative Intelligent Completion Intermediate String Design for Deepwater Gas Well Completions: The Installation Case Study From L Gas Field, China

Intelligent Operations

Dual Heuristic Dynamic Programming in the Oil and Gas Industry for Trajectory Tracking Control

IBTIKAR Digital Laboratory: A Collaborative Approach Toward Research and Development Challenges in Oil and Gas Upstream

A Digital Oilfield Comprehensive Study: Automated Intelligent Production Network Optimization

Extended-Reach and Complex Wells

Constructing Deep Closed-Loop Geothermal Wells for Globally Scalable Energy Production by Leveraging Oil and Gas ERD and HP/HT Well-Construction Expertise

Breaking ERD Records With Optimized Engineering and Practices: Making the Impossible Possible

Maximizing Reserves Value Using Multilateral Wells: A Decision-Support Tool and Key Applications

Cementing and Zonal Isolation

Expandable Geopolymers for Improved Zonal Isolation and Plugging

Quantifying the Sealing Performance of Plug and Abandonment Cement Systems Under Downhole Conditions

June 2023

(available here through 31 July)

Coiled Tubing

Novel Engineering Approach Using Underbalanced Coiled Tubing Drilling Solutions for Tight Sour Gas Carbonate

A Proven and Versatile Coiled Tubing Live-Well Intervention Solution From a Monohull Vessel in the Norwegian Continental Shelf

Casing Leak Repair To Continue Hydraulic Fractures Stimulation


Novel Simulator for Design and Analysis of Matrix Acidizing Jobs With Fluoroboric Acid in Sandstone Reservoirs

Ineffectiveness of Acid Fracturing for Stimulating a Tight Fractured Reservoir Rock: A Case Study

Multistage Acid Stimulation for ICD Screens Completion Using Straddle Packer and Real-Time Telemetry Coiled Tubing

Hydraulic Fracturing Operations

Hydraulic Fracturing at Clair: Unlocking the Potential of Europe’s Largest Reservoir

Overview of Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site 2 in the Permian Delaware Basin (HFTS-2)

Efficiency and Effectiveness—A Fine Balance: An Integrated System To Improve Decisions in Real-Time Hydraulic Fracturing Operations

EOR Operations

Introducing Data-Driven Virtual Viscosity Measurements

Assessment of World-First Two-Polymer Injectivity Tests Performed in Two Giant High-Temperature/High-Salinity Carbonate Reservoirs Using Single-Well Simulation Models and PFO Analysis

ASP Formulation Development Journey, Optimization, Validation, and Quality Control for Mangala Field

Topics Coming Up in July

Reservoir Simulation | Wellbore Tubulars | Unconventional and Tight Reservoirs | Decarbonization