Watch: Constructing One of the World’s Largest Offshore Platforms

Here’s a fast-forward glimpse of the 4-year construction of the Hebron platform.

Big things moving: Hebron platform’s massive roots

This time-lapse video shows just a hint of the complexity of the 4-year construction of the gravity-based structure used for the Hebron platform in northeast Canada, one of the largest platforms in the world. It comprises 4.6 million ft3 of reinforced concrete and is designed to store an estimated 1.2 million bbl of crude oil.

At the end of the video, the 180,000-ton platform is not yet mated to the topsides. After the mating was completed, the structure was towed 350 km (218 miles) to the Hebron field, where it is one of several offshore facilities producing oil in the Jeanne d’Arc Basin.