Wearable Camera Technology


Wood has developed new camera technology that can stream video and store data from remote work locations including offshore, in partnership with Canadian technology company Librestream Technologies. The Onsight Cube is a rugged camera that can be worn on a helmet, chest mount, or a monopod to access high or difficult-to-reach areas, and connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to a handset. The technology connects specialists in any location directly with remote worksites, transferring real-time data including audio, pictures, thermographic images, and video. Designed with a protective casing to withstand industrial applications, the technology comprises a thermal camera, onboard secure storage, and can operate in harsh environments including from -20ºC to +55°C. The camera will also be certified for safe use in all areas of oil and gas facilities. The product will ship in mid-2018.

For more information visit www.librestream.com.