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White Paper: An Innovative Technology for Coriolis Metering Under Entrained Gas Conditions

A new Coriolis sensor and innovative multi-frequency technology enables measurement of two-phase flow with entrained gas.

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Bubbles reflecting entrained gas
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Entrained gases can be large gas pockets or variable-sized bubbles created by excessive tank stripping, large agitators, or due to long drops into tanks. These entrained gases have always created inaccuracies in Coriolis flowmeters. For accurate measurements, the liquids must move completely synchronized with the motion of the measuring tube. But entrained gases affect the ability of the fluid to synchronize with the oscillation, resulting in inaccuracies. Two-phase liquids have higher compressibility, so the size of the gas bubbles grow or shrink with the movement of the tube, making accurate measurement impossible. Until now.

Endress+Hauser has developed multi-frequency technology that can be applied in Coriolis flowmeters to account for the additional movement of the gas bubbles entrained in viscous crude emulsions. Use of multiple frequencies enables highly accurate measurement of density, mass flow, and volume flow with specific types of entrained gas. Accurate measurements allow you to get full control of your processes, producing maximum cost efficiency, product reliability, and flawless product quality.

Learn more about this innovative technology by downloading our white paper. You can also watch a video about this technology.

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