Mark Burgoyne

Principal Reservoir Engineer Santos

Mark Burgoyne is a principal reservoir engineer for Santos. He has more than 25 years of industry experience, including in reservoir engineering and subsurface management roles with Santos as well as hydraulic fracturing, cementing, and coiled tubing roles with Schlumberger. Burgoyne holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, a master’s degree in petroleum engineering, and an MBA degree. 

  • Whether it be Derrick Turk asking us to “resist the temptation to accrue vocabulary rather than understanding” or Mark Bentley telling us that “if you can sketch it you can model it,” there does seem to be a growing pushback against the notions that the modeling/simulation process can be successfully shrink-wrapped and that fundamental understanding is increasingly a …
  • In reviewing the long list of papers this year, it has become apparent to me that the hot topic in reservoir simulation these days is the application of data analytics or machine learning to numerical simulation and with it quite often the promise of data-driven work flows—code for needing to think about the physics less.
  • Fit-for-purpose tactics likely will be of ever-increasing focus going forward. If it is not adding value, it should not be done. But “fit for purpose” encompasses a wide range of possibilities—leveraging new approaches as well as learning from old approaches and improving current approaches.
  • As the oil and gas industry moves more into the machine learning space, Python-conversant petroleum domain specialists will prove to be increasingly valuable to organizations.
  • The author shares the story of how when he wanted a quick, handy tool to have in his pocket to QC the reservoir engineering numbers, he ended up creating an app that others could use too.