Mehdi Izadi photo

Mehdi Izadi

Senior Reservoir Engineer ExxonMobil

Mehdi Izadi, SPE, is a senior reservoir engineer with ExxonMobil Upstream in Houston. Currently, he is a member of a team responsible for asset development planning in deepwater gas condensate reservoirs in Guyana. Izadi holds PhD and MS degrees in petroleum engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. He has more than 20 years of experience in classical reservoir engineering analysis, reservoir simulation, and enhanced-oil-recovery (EOR) technologies. Izadi has been teaching industrial courses and providing onsite training on chemical EOR simulation and reservoir modeling for several years.

  • One of the more common characteristics of heavy oil reservoirs is a low primary recovery factor, which is mainly because of unfavorable mobility ratios between oil and water, negligible solution drives, and faster decline of reservoir pressures because of relatively low oil compressibility. Most of the technologies that apply to heavy oil reservoirs need to address th…
  • Heavy oils are characterized by high density, high viscosity, and high-heavy-fraction components. Because of high viscosity and lower API gravity than conventional crude oil, primary recovery of some of these crude oil types requires thermal stimulation of the reservoirs.