Michael Fuller photo

Michael J. Fuller

Senior Completions Subject-Matter Expert Chevron

Michael J. Fuller, SPE, is a senior completions subject-matter expert in the Chevron Technical Center, where he works in materials, fluids, and methods for completions, drilling, and stimulation operations as a part of Chevron’s Wells team. In his 18 years working in global roles in upstream oil and gas, he has been issued several patents and produced numerous industry publications. Fuller holds a PhD degree in chemistry from Northwestern University and a BS degree in business chemistry from Northern Illinois University. He currently serves as co-chair for the Chemical Science Roundtable at the National Academy of Science, Engineering, and Medicine and as vice-chair for the 2023 SPE International Conference on Oilfield Chemistry.

  • The selected papers represent sophisticated work around the phenomena of scale and precipitation that can have dramatic effects on productivity, specifically in shale and tight completions. These papers include comprehensive work flows to analyze recovered samples as well as improved methods to analyze the concentration of scale inhibitor in produced water with enhanc…