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Mike Kyrylovych

Mike Kyrylovych, SPE, has a combined 10 years of experience in the energy sector, business analysis, and data analytics. Having worked at leading energy R&D, consulting and technology firms, he has advised clients in the areas of enhanced hydrocarbon recovery, infrastructure investment, M&A due diligence, and regulatory compliance. In his previous role, he was an engineering analyst in a major Canadian oil and gas producing company where his duties were focused on leveraging digital technologies to improve internal processes and operational efficiencies. Currently, he works in the area of GHG emission-reduction technologies.

Kyrylovych has been an SPE member since 2010. He holds a BEng degree in petroleum engineering from Ivano‑Frankivsk Oil and Gas University, Ukraine, and an MSc degree in petroleum systems engineering from the University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the province of Alberta and a Certified Business Analyst.