Emission management

Journey to an 'A' Grade Gas Certification

This article describes the MiQ grading framework for natural gas in detail and explains practical pathways for industry participants to achieve any desired MiQ grade.

Gas pipeline in Wyoming
Source: Getty Images

The August 2022 issue of JPT featured an article on the most common voluntary certifications that have at least some kind of methane emissions-related requirements. Since then, MiQ appears to have become a certification framework of choice for many industry players. According to Georges Tijbosch, CEO of MiQ, as of January 2023, about 20% of US natural gas production has gone through the MiQ process. Tijbosch noted that most of the currently certified production received grades A, B, or C.

While this is no high school, we naturally tend to assume that getting an “A” is the ultimate goal of getting certified.

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