Subodh Gupta

Chief, Research and Development Cenovus Energy

Subodh Gupta, SPE, is chief of research and development at Cenovus Energy, where he looks after enhancing collaborative research to bring new science and technologies from other areas and industries to improve the sustainability of oil sands production. His role allows him to actively pursue development of novel technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of oil and gas operations. Previously, Gupta led the development of solvent-aided processes—solvent-based recovery methods—in oil sands, researched ways to model new reservoir processes, and proposed alternate methods of carbon sequestration, among other projects. He has worked in the petroleum and process industries as an engineer for more than 25 years. Gupta has been an SPE Distinguished Lecturer as well as a member of the Distinguished Lecturer Selection Committee. He has been an invited speaker and panelist to many conferences, including the Canadian International Petroleum Conference, the Canadian Institute’s Carbon Capture and Storage Conference, the Global Petroleum Conference, and those of the Canadian Heavy Oil Association and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. Gupta holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and MS and PhD degrees from the University of Calgary. He is a member of the JPT Review Board.

  • The enhanced-oil-recovery literature produced in the past several months was dominated by reservoir modeling and characterization; flood enhancements; machine learning; and, more notably, relative permeability estimation. This last one needs to be understood further.
  • The bulk of the literature on enhanced oil recovery from the past year has been devoted to an improved understanding of trends started more than a decade ago with physical and numerical modeling.