BP Signs Sustainable Energy Agreements With Amazon Web Services

BP says it will supply Amazon Web Services with 170 MW of renewable energy, the equivalent of powering 125,000 homes each year.


BP has agreed in the first in a series of innovative power deals with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to supply renewable energy to the European data centers that drive the AWS cloud platform.

The deal is in line with BP’s growing sustainable power business, which includes tailored power-purchase agreements (PPAs) within the corporate sector. Starting in 2021, BP will begin supplying AWS’s servers with 170 MW of renewable power each year. The expectation is to grow this relationship to more than double the capacity, in excess of 400 MW.

In the first project announced under this agreement, BP will provide AWS with 122 MW of new renewable power capacity from one of the largest onshore windfarms being built in Europe, in Västernorrland, Sweden. It is expected to commence operations in 2022. A new solar farm in Spain, which is expected to deliver 50 MW to AWS from 2021, will also support the deal.

“BP and AWS are both targeting reductions in emissions from their respective operations,” said Robert Lawson, chief operating officer for global gas at BP Supply and Trading. “One way BP can play an important role in helping our customers is by using our trading capability and scale to deliver innovative, reliable, and flexible supplies of low-carbon and renewable power to major corporate customers and partners.”

BP is working with the corporate sector to connect organizations to renewable energy sources and helping them realize both the environmental and economic benefits of PPAs. The expansion of its corporate PPA business is an example of BP’s focus on improving its products and services to enable customers to reduce their emissions.