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Can AI Unlock the True Potential of the Next Generation of Solar and Energy Storage Innovations?

Feeding better battery storage with the energy produced by cleaner sources such as solar panels and wind turbines is not a new idea. But are good ideas enough? Or could AI be the answer to unlocking the true value of the next generation of solar and energy innovations?

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When one looks at energy storage systems, the main technologies involved can be boiled down to

  • Batteries (whether they are flow or solid-state batteries)
  • Flywheels 
  • Compressed air energy storage 
  • Thermal energy
  • Pumped hydropower

There are of course many different and novel inventions powering these options. However, despite their sophistication and efficiency, they are ultimately "dumb" machines in that they are unable to

  • Optimize their operational performance
  • Control when they charge and when they discharge
  • Make decisions on charging/discharging in accordance with energy prices or consumer demand
  • Adapt and control how they operate to increase performance or output
  • Coordinate their output with other energy storage solutions
  • Increase and decrease their power generation capacities
  • Ascertain how to optimize and adjust their supply to consumers

Critically, they are also unable to stay one step ahead of potential failings, so they can take preventative or reparative measures before those failings impact on their performance.

This is where artificial intelligence (AI) can play a major part in unlocking the potential of energy generation and energy storage innovations.

AI could give these "dumb" machines the intelligence they need to optimize and control their performance and action the required maintenance before our already stretched energy supplies are impacted further.

Attorneys who work closely with clients at the forefront of renewable energy storage and cleantech are already seeing the huge potential AI offers the energy industry. It really could be the answer to collecting and utilizing the real-time, round-the-clock, and totally accurate data needed to create infinitely more effective and efficient energy storage.

Giving machines the ability to implement predictive analytics will enable these machines to save and distribute their output more effectively.

It'll allow them to predict and meet upcoming demand.

It'll optimize production levels to match previous patterns of demand.

It'll also enable them to do what is needed to self-maintain and sustain the required performance levels.

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