CNOOC Turns the Taps at Lufeng

Field cluster in the South China Sea expected to produce over 45,000 B/D of oil in 2023.


CNOOC Ltd. has started production from its Lufeng oil fields in the Eastern South China Sea. The field cluster includes Lufeng 14-4, Lufeng 14‑8, Lufeng 15-1, and Lufeng 22-1, with an average water depth of about 140–330 m. The main production facilities include two drilling production platforms and one subsea production system. Thirty-five development wells are planned to be put into production, including 26 production wells and 9 water injection wells. The project is expected to achieve its peak production of around 46,000 B/D of oil in 2023.

CNOOC Ltd. owns 100% interest in the project.