Field/project development

Collaborative Strategy Heightens Efficiency of North Sea Predrilling Campaign

This paper identifies success factors behind the Johan Sverdrup predrilling campaign and outlines lessons learned.

Phase 1 field layout.
Fig. 1—Phase 1 field layout.

The predrilling campaign for the Johan Sverdrup development was a key contributor to the successful execution of the first phase of the megaproject. After a summary of the results of the campaign, the focus of the complete paper is to identify some of the key factors behind the success of the campaign and outline lessons learned relevant to future drilling campaigns. Since the completion of the predrilling campaign, the project has successfully tied back, completed, and begun production of eight predrilled oil producers and injection in 12 subsea injectors.

Johan Sverdrup Field

The field is approximately 150 km west of Stavanger in a water depth of 110–120 m. The top reservoir is situated approximately 1800 m below mean sea level.

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