Data Science Helps Change the Perception of the Oil and Gas Industry in Colombia

Data collected from programs such as Energy4Me and the PetrolCopa Reto Escolar in Colombia have been analyzed to show how data science can improve the methodologies used by the data center of the SPE Colombian Section to improve the relationship between the industry and local communities.

Grunge styled flag of Colombia
Source: kosmozoo/Getty Images

In Colombia, one of the biggest challenges for the oil and gas industry is to generate a sound reputation and a new perception about its benefits to communities. Even though the oil and gas industry generates between 9 and 11% of the gross domestic product of Colombia, there is a negative perception in local communities because of the effects of the operations on the people and environment. As a consequence, the implementation of pedagogical methodologies to educate communities about the sustainable view of the modern oil and gas industry, and the importance of access to energy and water, is a need.

Programs such as Energy4Me and PetrolCopa Reto Escolar have been implemented over the past 2 years in Colombia. This has allowed for the collection of a considerable amount of data with great technical and social value from more than 10,000 participants.

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