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These are the papers synopsized in JPT this month. They are available to SPE members only through 31 January 2022. There are also links to them at the bottom of each related synopsis.

Reserves Management

Benchmarking of Ultimate Recovery Factor Across Kuwait: Unlocking Additional Potential

Incremental Method vs. Split Conditions: Discussing the Similarities Between Reserves Evaluation and a Madoff Scheme

Business-Oriented Reserves and Resource Management: Experiences From a Merger

Production and Facilities

An Experimental Investigation of a Highly Deviated Shroud-Type Downhole Separator

Dynamic Process Optimization Using a Reduced-Order Modeling Framework        

Adaptive Framework for Resilient Supply Chain Using 3D Printing in the Oil and Gas Industry

Bits and Bottomhole Assemblies

RSS and Motor Directional Analysis: Modeling the Effect of Local Doglegs on RIH of Completions and Casing

Use of Big Data and Machine Learning to Optimize Operational Performance and Drill-Bit Design

Offset Data Analysis and Seamless Execution Through Real-Time Monitoring Results in Step Change in Drilling Performance

Water Management

Offshore Water Treatment KPIs Using Machine-Learning Techniques

A New Produced-Water Management Policy for the Energy Sector of Trinidad and Tobago

Turning Produced Water Into an Asset: A Delaware Basin Case History.

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