JPT December 2021 Issue

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The arms of Nabors’ robotic pipe handler automatically pick up the next section of drillpipe, or other downhole hardware, and move it over the drill center for connection. Source: Nabors.

Monthly Features
Guest Editorial
President's Column
  • The ability to travel has become less restricted by COVID-19, but the world’s recovery from the pandemic remains fragile. At last month’s in-person COP26 in Glasgow, Ben-Naceur addressed potentially smooth energy transition trajectories.
SPE Members
Reserves Management
  • The papers selected this year highlight some complex considerations and the importance of using all the tools provided by the industry resource classification systems to navigate projects through to viable and sustainable development reasonably and transparently for all stakeholders.
Production and Facilities
Bits and Bottomhole Assemblies
  • Well construction must always be executed safely at reduced operational costs, while ensuring appropriate wellbore quality and placement, per asset team requirements. Consequently, analysis of drilling efficiency, a critical performance indicator, has moved from maximizing rate of penetration to improving cycle time.
Water Management
  • As the oil and gas industry evolves to become more socially responsible with using natural resources such as water, economics constraints are an ever-present concern. The three highlighted papers share different approaches regarding how produced water could be managed economically.

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