Sinopec Signals Fresh Shale Success With Dongye Deep 2

Tests confirm significant progress in deep shale gas exploration at a depth of over 4,000 meters.

Sinopec shale-gas well field.
Sinopec shale-gas well field.

Sinopec has announced that the Dongye Deep 2 key shale gas well in Dongxi, Chongqing, was drilled to a total depth of 4300 m and tested at 412000 m3/d of high-quality natural gas. The operator said the result shows significant progress in ultradeep shale gas exploration in China and will increase Sinopec’s shale gas production capacity in southeast Sichuan by more than 2 trillion m3.

Following the breakthrough of the Fuling shale gas field in 2012, Sinopec has been expanding its expertise in deep shale gas. In 2018, Sinopec discovered and commercialized the Weirong shale gas field at a depth of 3800 m.

The technical requirements of developing deep marine shale gas reservoirs at depths exceeding 4000 m are high due to challenges faced at ultrahigh depths and complex crustal stress.

Sinopec plans to increase oil and gas exploration by developing unconventional resources such as shale oil and gas while focusing on growing reserves and production of conventional petroleum.