December 2023 Issue

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Reserves Management

Establishing Reasonable Certainty for Reserves Estimates by Using a Combination of Reliable Technologies

Business Model of Carbon Capture and Storage Projects for High-CO2 Fields

Stochastic Economic Ranking: A Prudent Way To Address Risk and Uncertainty for Decision Makers

Production and Facilities

Imperatives of Modular Refineries and Their Impact on Product Availability in Nigeria

Improving Economics for Abandoning Orphaned and Idle Oil and Gas Wells by Providing Storage for Pulverized Blades From Wind Turbines

What To Do With Produced Solids After Separation: Dewatering, Transport, and Disposal

Bits and Bottomhole Assemblies

Service Quality Improvement Plan Using FEA Fatigue Analysis Minimizes Jar Twistoff in Challenging Applications

The Role of Autodrillers, Rig-Control Systems, and Driller Procedures in Reduction of BHA Failures

Qualifying Bit Influence on High-Frequency Torsional Oscillations Based on Full-Scale Laboratory Experiments
Water Management

An Innovative Method of Water Management by Desalinating Produced Water Using Thermal Renewable Energy

Selective and Reversible Water-Shutoff Agent Based on an Emulsion System With Nanoparticles Suitable for Carbonate Reservoirs at High-Temperature and High-Salinity Conditions

Nanomembranes From Polymeric Waste for Produced-Water Treatment.

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