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On the Cover
On the cover: On the cover: Apache saw a 10% year‑over-year reduction in drilling costs using its AI-based drilling advisory system for 1,700 wells across a wide spectrum of geologies. Source: Grand River and Klerik 78: istock/Getty Images.

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Reserves Management
Production and Facilities
  • It seems that it has been a very productive period for production and facilities. I reviewed a significant number of abstracts on such an interesting variety of topics—new technology developments down- and midstream, improvements in corrosion detection and prediction, new systems for emulsion monitoring, and even downhole drones.
Bits and Bottomhole Assemblies
  • As bottomhole-assembly and drill-bit design and operation have embraced new technologies such as artificial intelligence, new materials and manufacturing techniques, and improved design software, the industry continues to research methods of optimizing delivery and understanding of already globally used technologies.
Water Management
  • Industrialization typically carries the blame for causing the water crisis across the continents, but it also creates and shepherds the innovation and introduction of a plethora of technologies and tools that enable intelligent use of water, intuitive approaches to conserve it, and implementable practices that preserve the watershed and prolong the life of aquifers.

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