DNV Picks Up Consulting Firm To Strengthen Environmental Operations

The company has acquired Dublin-based Enviroguide Consulting in an effort to increase its focus on environmental concerns.

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Source: Khanchit Khirisutchalual/Getty Images

Independent energy company DNV has announced its acquisition of Enviroguide Consulting, an environmental consultancy based in Dublin, Ireland.

DNV said the deal aims to strengthen its foothold in the region and expand its portfolio of environmental solutions. Enviroguide has doubled in turnover over the past 2 years, DNV said, and DNV forecasts it will grow its environmental services further considering Ireland's position as the fastest growing economy in the European Union.

Enviroguide delivers environmental and sustainability consultancy services on biodiversity, contaminated land, waste management and licensing, infrastructure planning, and environmental impact assessment services to support sustainable development for public and private sector customers.

“Safeguarding biodiversity has become essential for companies driving the energy transition," said Remi Eriksen, group president and CEO of DNV. "The acquisition of Enviroguide supports DNV’s ambition to expand its biodiversity and environmental services portfolio. Together, Enviroguide and DNV will be able to provide our customers with a comprehensive biodiversity, environmental, and waste management services portfolio that are critical to the success of all energy projects.”

As the energy transition enters into the implementation phase, the impact on the environment becomes more important. Enviroguide for example, supports customers through the planning and permitting process for infrastructure projects, hence DNV’s investment in these services.

“With new regulatory frameworks and legislation being introduced across the UK and EU later this year, this move enables DNV to better support and advise customers navigating increased regulations, specifically within biodiversity and waste management strategy and reporting," said Hari Vamadevan, executive vice president and regional director, UK and Ireland, of energy systems at DNV.