Fracturing/pressure pumping

E-Fleets­—Electric-Powered Fleets Herald a New Future, But It Won’t Happen Overnight

Electric-powered fracturing fleets looked impressively resilient in 2020 amid what was otherwise a significant collapse for the hydraulic fracturing sector. Today, the situation is more complicated.

Red containers at station in large field
Source: Halliburton.

This year has been rife with announcements of new electric-powered fracturing fleet (e-fleet) operations in North American shale plays.

  • 4 August—Halliburton announced the successful deployment of an advanced, e-fleet spread on a pad of horizontal wells for Chesapeake comprising more than 140 stages in the Marcellus shale. This followed an announcement in January that Halliburton had successfully completed 340 stages for Cimarex in the Permian across multiple horizontal wells, using electric grid power.
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