February 2024 Issue

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Drilling Automation and Innovation

Digital Innovation of Well-Construction Process in Ecuador Through Rig Automation

Novel Approach of Autonomous Drilling Using Rotary Steerable System in Middle Eastern Oil and Gas Wells

Well Testing

CO2 Injectivity Test Proves the Concept of CCUS Field Development

Enhancing Well-Control Safety With Dynamic Well-Control Cloud Solutions: Case Studies of Successful Deep Transient Test in Southeast Asia

Reservoir Modeling To Predict the Effect of Cold Water Injection in Geothermal Pressure Transient Analysis

Formation Evaluation

Using a Multidisciplinary Approach for Reservoir and Completion Optimization Within the Woodford Shale Play of the Arkoma Basin

ML-Driven Integrated Approach for Perforation Interval Selection Based on Advanced Borehole Images AI-Assisted Interpretation

Geomechanics Modeling of Strain-Based Pressure Estimates: Insights From Distributed Fiber-Optic Strain Measurements


Carbon Storage Leak Detection Through Seismic FWI and RTM: Different Survey Analyses

Seismic Reprocessing Leads to New Breakthroughs—A Successful Case in the ASH Field, AG Basin in Egypt

Machine-Learning Application for CCUS Carbon Storage: Fracture Analysis and Mapping in the Illinois Basin.

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