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The construction of a new carbon capture and storage facility in north Texas. With a capacity of 210,000 mtpa of CO2e, the facility’s owners hope it will become a template for many more like it. Source: BKV Corp.

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75th Anniversary Commemoration
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SPE News
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Drilling Automation and Innovation
  • In recent years, operators and service companies have optimized drilling activities and reduced operational costs by accelerating the deployment of digital solutions. Among other applications, predictive data analytics are commonly used to estimate rock properties, reduce operational uncertainty, improve equipment maintenance processes, and optimize scarce human resou…
Well Testing
Formation Evaluation
  • Uncertainty comes in all scales and dimensions. This challenges us to learn at all scales possible, from the fume hoods in the laboratory to magnificently exposed outcrops and through deep narrow boreholes that drill through subsurface reservoirs. The combined efforts often convert learnings to actionable intelligence.
  • Recent technical papers have further shown the steady increase in the application of advanced seismic techniques and machine learning to mature to production “stranded” and “advantaged” hydrocarbon-bearing accumulations ; improve carbon capture, storage, and leak detection; and analyze naturally and artificially fractured reservoirs.

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