How Digital Technology Is Making Safety Smarter

Wearable technology will help drive personal protective equipment growth as the MENA region strives for safer workplaces.


A new forecast of the world’s personal protective equipment (PPE) market has identified sector growth potential in the Middle East over the next 3 years.

Research and consulting group Grand View Research says the moderate sector growth through to 2022 will follow increasing regulation of workplace safety, an uptick in workforce safety awareness, and expansion within the region’s oil and gas sector. And the report says the market will take a major leap forward in the type of PPE being adopted with wearable technology making significant inroads.

Workplace safety is no longer confined to filter masks, hard hats, and reinforced boots and gloves—it is now going hi-tech. Such is the spread of the technological advancements in PPE that the sector has been given its own product ranking in the safety and health sector of next year’s Intersec show in Dubai. Intersec, which runs at the Dubai World Trade Centre from January 19 to 21, is the region’s exhibition and conference for security, safety, and fire protection.

“The Middle East market for security, safety, and fire protection is on track for double-digit growth over the next 4 years, as regional governments and the private sector look for improved technologies to better protect assets, people, businesses, and borders. PPE will be in the vanguard of improved workforce protection and will be a key factor in the overall segment’s development,” said Andreas Rex, Intersec’s show director.

Industrywide wearable technology is being hailed as the most exciting PPE development in recent years because of the huge safety benefits it brings to a workforce and the productivity increase it can deliver to businesses.

Smart PPE, as it’s known, is digitally driven largely through sensors built into uniforms, operating close to the body. And it’s changing the entire approach to safety in the workplace environment.

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