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Hub71 Joins AIQ To Accelerate AI-Driven Transformation of the Energy Industry

The collaboration is planned to explore artificial intelligence in an effort to get more value from oil and gas operations and create a sustainable and carbon-efficient future for the energy industry.

Source: Hub71

Hub71, a collection of energy technology companies based in Abu Dhabi, is set to partner with AIQ, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s artificial intelligence (AI) joint venture with Group 42, to explore the development of AI that support a sustainable energy future.

“Tomorrow’s world will be driven by AI technology that continues to enhance and transform many economic sectors like energy and industry,” said Badr Al-Olama, acting chief executive officer of Hub71. “Our partnership with AIQ comes at a time when we are attracting tech startups to the nation to deepen the expertise and knowledge, while promoting a net zero future for all.”

The partnership is planned for Hub71 to introduce AIQ to its technology ecosystem and facilitate one-on-one meetings with startups working on energy technology for the oil and gas industry. In return, AIQ is expected to provide access to its E-Novus platform, a data-management tool for oil and gas enterprises.

AIQ also is set to participate in Hub71’s The Outliers program, a series of challenges set by corporations and government for startups to solve and support Hub71’s Mentorship Program to promote knowledge exchange around technology that has the potential to be commercialized.

“AI solutions are critical to the future sustainability of the oil and gas industry,” said Omar Al Marzooqi, AIQ’s chief executive officer. “AIQ’s collaboration with Hub71 will enable a strong networking platform for Hub71’s startup tech companies to participate in ADNOC’s and the wider oil and gas industry’s digital transformation and support the growing status of Abu Dhabi as a global center for next generation industrial development.”