Ipieca, IOGP Update Guidance on Health Performance Indicators

The organizations have created health performance indicators (HPIs) to be used by organizations in the oil and gas industry. The published guidance for applying these HPIs has been updated in several aspects, including recognition of the importance of mental health.

Source: Ipieca/IOGP

Indicators for the health performance of the industry are a necessary part of effective health management and the promotion of improvements in health performance.

The Ipieca/International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) Health Committee has established health performance indicators (HPIs) and a scoring system for organizations to measure the maturity and coverage of key elements of health management systems. The document is used as the basis of Ipieca-IOGP member company voluntary annual HPI reporting.

The 2007 guidance on the application of the HPIs has now been updated to

  • Better reflect the increasing recognition of the importance of mental health in the workplace
  • Respond to rising numbers of emerging infectious illnesses
  • Continue to help improve future health performance through preventive actions
  • Include fatigue and well-being
  • Separate fitness for task and health surveillance into two elements

In addition, to effectively support the use of the updated HPIs, the scoring options have been expanded to allow companies to demonstrate ongoing, incremental improvements more easily.
Companies can use the system internally to assess their health management system performance against industry best practices. The annual data reports will continue to provide a valuable opportunity for companies to benchmark against their industry peers.
The collective outcomes will also be used to further identify and inform proactive and preventative areas of work for the IOGP/Ipieca Health Committee to promote continual industry improvement.

Download the guidance here.