Israel Halts Production From Tamar

The energy ministry instructed a shutdown following Hamas missile strikes.

Tamar platform

Israel has suspended production at the Tamar gas field off its southern coast and will seek alternative fuel sources to meet its needs, the energy ministry said following missile attacks from Hamas in Gaza.

Chevron, which operates the field, confirmed it had been instructed by the ministry to shut down the field, which is a major source of gas to the country. Some of Tamar’s gas is also exported to neighboring Jordan and Egypt.

Tamar is located some 25 km off the city of Ashdod along Israel’s southern Mediterranean coast.

Israel’s largest offshore gas field, Leviathan, continues to operate normally.

Chevron owns a 25% stake in Tamar, while Isramco holds 28.75%, the UAE’s Mubadala Energy 11%, Union Energy 11%, Tamar Petroleum 16.75%, Dor Gas 4%, and Everest owns 3.5%.