Reservoir characterization

Iterative Ensemble Kalman Smoother Applied to History-Matching Coalbed Methane Wells

This study describes application of the iterative ensemble Kalman smoother application to a low-permeability coalbed methane field in Australia.

Relative well location and fault.
Fig. 1—Relative well location and fault. The colored regions show different well-drainage areas.

This study presents the iterative ensemble Kalman smoother applied to a low-permeability coalbed methane (CBM) field in Australia. All wells in the studied reservoir are completed with an artificial lift system and permanent downhole gauges. A forecast study was conducted to validate the history-matched ensemble. The results showed a good match of 12 months of the new production data not used in history matching, which highlights the robust prediction capabilities of the approach.

Geology of the Study Area

Because of its strategic geologic and geographic situation in Queensland State, the Bowen-Surat area constitutes one of the more economically significant sedimentary provinces of the Australian mainland and one of the world’s major coal and coal-seam-gas-producing regions.

This study considers the Q seam from the Late Permian.

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