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These are the papers synopsized in JPT this month. They are available to SPE members only through 31 August 2021. There are also links to them at the bottom of each related synopsis.

Reservoir Simulation

Subsurface Analytics Case Study; Reservoir Simulation and Modeling of Highly Complex Offshore Field in Malaysia Using Artificial Intelligent and Machine Learning

An End-to-End Deep Sequential Surrogate Model for High-Performance Reservoir Modeling: Enabling New Work Flows

Reservoir Characterization and Scenario-Based Modelling to Optimize Development Planning of the Jurassic Plover Formation in the Ichthys Field, North West Shelf of Australia

Wellbore Tubulars

First-Time Worldwide Application of Glass Reinforced Epoxy Lined Tubing for Prevention of Asphaltene Deposition on Tubing in Oil Wells: A Case Study From Kuwait

Unconventional and Tight Reservoirs

Fishbone Stimulation a Game-Changer for Tight Carbonate Productivity Enhancement: Case Study of First Successful Implementation at Adnoc Onshore Fields

An Efficient Treatment Technique for Remediation of Phase Trapping Damage in Tight Carbonate Gas Reservoirs

Liquid Removal To Improve Gas Production and Recoverable Reserves in Unconventional Liquid-Rich Reservoirs by Subsurface Wet Gas Compression


The Color of Energy: The Competition to Be the Energy of the Future

Leak Detection in Carbon Sequestration Projects Using Machine Learning Methods: Cranfield Site, Mississippi, USA

Future Roles for Natural Gas in Decarbonizing the Australian Electricity Supply Within the NEM: Total System Costs Are Key.

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