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JPT Synopses June 2024

Coiled Tubing

UBCTD Technology in Tight Sandstones. A Success Story by Integrating Petrophysics, Geophysics, Flow Data, and Pressure Transient Analysis to Target Natural Fractures

Conveying Extended-Reach Solutions: First Coiled Tubing Perforation in Horizontal Live Gas Wells With Downhole Tractors

Decoding Hydrogen Embrittlement in High-Strength Coiled Tubing: Insights From Acid-Induced Failures, Field-Data Analysis, and Corrosion-Management Strategies


Effective Stimulation of a Limited-Entry-Liner (LEL) Well Using a Leading Viscoelastic Diverter Acid System

A Comprehensive Model for Carbonate Matrix Acidizing in Complex Horizontal Well Completions

Tailored Metal-Oxide Nanoparticle-Based Fluid in Acid-Restimulation Treatments Reverses Long-Term Hydrocarbon Decline: A Pilot Study in Wolfcamp (A) Formation

Hydraulic Fracturing Operations

Protecting Parent-Well Production Using Far-Field Diverters in Unconventional Wells

Hydrocarbon Production Enhancement on the Field Apaika-Nenke by Applying Hydraulic Fracturing as a Tool To Optimize the Extraction of Reservoir M2 Considered Initially as a Secondary Target

Increasing Production and Reserves Through Fracture Stimulation in Challenging Multizone Vertical Well Completions

EOR Operations

Large-Scale High-Throughput Sensitivity Analysis of CO2 MMP To Optimize Gas-Injection EOR Processes

Polymer-Assisted Water-Alternating-Gas for Improving the CO2 Flow Properties in Porous Media

Impact of Solids on Topside Operations in EOR Context.

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